Portable Projectors

AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector

This small projector is great for personal or family use, since it can fit in your pocket. It offers 1080p resolution and it has a great USB rechargeable battery that can hold up to 80 minutes of use.

ASUS S1 200

The palm sized portable projector ASUS S1 200 can be used for 3h straight with a fully charged battery. It has HDMI/MHL port which means that it is compatible for a variety of sources.

Optoma ML750ST

This portable projector will fit right into your pocket as it is very light and small. It has a 50" diagonal image from 32" away, and you can project images and clips directly through your phone device.


This portable projector model is quite small and it offers 1080p video projections. Because of its size, RIF6 CUBE can fit right into your pocket, and you can take it anywhere and watch movies or hold presentations.


If you want a small portable projector that has a battery that can last up to 60 minutes, you should check out AAXA P300. It also offers great other features such as a USB port, adjustable tripod, Micro SD slot...
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